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About RepoCreator

While project scaffolding is nothing new, RepoCreator simplifies the process by giving you a simple web interface that interacts directly with GitHub. There is no need to download or install a tool and all of its dependencies.

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How it Works

You can use any repository on Github as the template for RepoCreator. Repositories with magic strings in them make much better templates! If you'd like to create your own template, just create your project like you normally would but anywhere you would type a repo-specific string, instead type:
magic_variable_magic, magic.variable.magic or magic-variable-magic.

For example, if you have the following tag in your template's HTML file:

<title> magic_app_name_magic </title>

When you create a new project from the template you will be prompted for the replacement of app_name. If you set the value to My Cool App, then in the new repo you will have this:

<title> My Cool App </title>



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We accept all of programming languages and frameworks you can think of simply put the magic strings in your source code and go.
Create a file in the root of your template repository named LICENSE with the contents from CC0 LICENSE.
Only the first 30 search result from Github are displayed. You can use the Github Search Syntax to narrow your results. As an example, to search for a template of your own then search for: user:your_username your_reponame.
Currently we only support GitHub but we have plans to support other git hosting solutions in the future.
Other templating engines solve the same problem with syntax like {variable} or @variable@. While this technique does result in shorter replacement strings, it also results in a project that is probably invalid in its template form. By using only alphabetic characters for the preefix and postpix and _, - and . for the separator, the template will be valid for compilation and usage in most languages/frameworks. This makes it easy to test your template and ensure it is usable before using it. It also allows you to run tools like a linter or other static analyzers on the template itself.


Once a template is sponsored, anyone that has access to the template repository can use it as a template for FREE! Sponsored repositories also show up automatically to all users, without them having to search.


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